It’s Funny… 

It’s funny how you are never alone,

Constantly having your loved ones around be it family or friends,

And yet you sometimes still feel so lonely inside,

Like something is missing,

That you yearn for a different kind of love,

One that can only be filled by a soulmate.


It’s funny how you can occupy the same body all your life,

Having the same mind and same soul,

And yet still not know yourself,

All the while suppressing your true, inner self,

And only when challenges & difficulties strike from within do you realise it,

It is only then that you start finding yourself and opening up to yourself,

Moulding your mind and soul into your true being,

Only then do you finally feel free,

As you discover yourself more & more day by day.


It’s funny how you can go through so many years of life and education,

And yet still not discover your purpose in life,

Your true calling,

And as you step into the adult world,

And your mind strengthens and matures,

You’re still looking for that purpose,

Still searching for it day by day,

As you hunger for meaning and fulfilment.


It’s funny how you can feel so happy and fulfilled at one moment,

And then dive into a low at the next,

As your past resurfaces,

Drowning you in regret,

Though the feelings fade away over time,

Only lasting for split brief moments,

It’s just funny how they fluctuate from time to time,

As you go through life’s roller-coaster ride.


It’s funny how you can have happy people all about you,

People who are so cheery and full of life,

And yet feel so down & miserable on the inside,

As you try your best to fake that smile,

So as to conceal all that’s going on inside.



How funny and quaint can it be at times,

But that’s just how it is,

That’s just, well, “life”,

And as we journey through it day by day,

We learn to take it as it comes,

We soar through the highs,

And dive deep into the lows,

But then we rise again,

Soaring higher than ever before!

Why Poetry?

Or rather, why not poetry? I choose poetry because it’s a deep way of expressing myself and I would like to connect with my audience on a deeper level.

So whatever you feel about my poetic ramblings, do share them with me. Let us engage in conversations on the deeper questions of life together 🙂